Artwork by Aberjhani along with books by him will be available for purchase as part of his participation in Local Author Day on March 24, 2024, in Lafayette Square in the city of Savannah, Georgia (USA). Much of the artwork on display for the event will reflect themes explored in his books on Savannah.


Most Recent Artwork

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Best Sellers

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Art from and Inspired by the book Dreams of the Immortal City Savannah

32 Images

Authentic Silk-Featherbrush Art Collection by Aberjhani

93 Images

Savannah Music Heritage Project

25 Images

Savannah River Bridge

9 Images

Savannah Georgia

90 Images

Nature as an Artist at Work

8 Images

Creative Holiday Options

62 Images

2023 Humanitarian Crises in War and Peace

3 Images

Traveling with the Angels

17 Images

John James Audubon Bronze Collection

6 Images

Savannah Hilton Head Airport

6 Images

Josephine Bakers Love Affair with Freedom

4 Images

Flannery OConnor and Converging Grace

19 Images

Advanced Placement African-American Studies

38 Images

Book Cover Art by Aberjhani

5 Images

Marvelous Magenta

10 Images

Quotes of Note and Poster Works

67 Images

The Redbird Collection

10 Images

Adventures in Black and White

22 Images

Glowing Birds of Midnight Love

17 Images

Breaking the Gridlock of Hate

60 Images

Abstract Dreams of Love and Humanity

126 Images

Harlem Renaissance Centennial

69 Images

Hurricane Season

6 Images

Juneteenth Federal Holiday

15 Images

Honoring Lives Lost to COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

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Climate Change

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Confronting COVID-19 with Art and Determination

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Aberjhani Kwanzaa Suite

21 Images

Black History Month

33 Images

Adapting and Growing

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Renaming the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge

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Georgia OKeeffe Tribute Art Prints by Aberjhani

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Vincent Van Gogh Tribute Art by Aberjhani

4 Images

Architectures of Multicultural Faith and Devotion

17 Images

Creatively Asbury

5 Images

Kaleidoscope Moons Series

7 Images

What Rainbows Know for Sure

30 Images

Winged Wonders of Mythology and Nature

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