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Art-Notes on Redbird and the Astonishing Epiphany

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Art-Notes on Redbird and the Astonishing Epiphany

Originality is one of the most valuable features of Postered Chromatic Poetics artwork and that feature is on full display with the new Redbird Series print, "Redbird and the Astonishing Epiphany." This landscape-formatted digital painting places the popular Redbird inside a realm of swirling bright colors framed by surrounding horizontal lines of blue, gold, and rust. In addition to making the perfect selection for a wall space in the home or workplace, it is an exceptional design for items ranging from tote bags and t-shirts to blankets and iPhone cases.

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In each of the previous installments, such as "Redbird Sifting Beauty Out of Ashes" and "Redbird Speaking Compassion to Power," the North American Cardinal bird is posed to share gentle commentaries on the human condition. In this one, Redbird comes to the conclusion that life's painful confusions or humorous simplicity possibly have more to do with how an individual views a given situation than the external factors themselves. That epiphany for our feathered hero is astonishing but also liberating.

The blue, yellow, gold, and indigo landscape surrounding the centerpiece symbolizes the tranquility which can come with awareness expanded beyond immediate anxieties.