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Art-Notes on Bouquet of Gratitude and Forgiveness

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Art-Notes on Bouquet of Gratitude and Forgiveness

"Bouquet of Gratitude and Forgiveness" is a particularly good art choice for the autumn season and moving toward the end of the year because the theme accommodates diverse cultural celebrations observed during this period. However, the flowing cascade of flowers emerging out of a multi-layered background make it as strong an addition to hotels, restaurants, or offices as it does to family rooms or community centers any time of the year.

This work was originally created as part of an in-progress stage play and consequently is highly collectible. Until December 31, 2018, It may be purchased at 30 percent off using promo code HSPRXZ. Please view it at this link:

A television interviewer once asked singer-actress-dancer Jennifer Lopez how she dealt with negative tabloid stories about her personal life. Lopez surprised a lot of people by answering, "I always bring it back to gratitude." By making gratitude the foundation of her attitude towards nearly everything, she avoided the kind of distractions which could disrupt or completely block the flow of creativity on which a performance artist like herself depended very heavily.

Lopez's response made a lot of sense to me because dealing with certain issues had already led me to the same conclusion. My equation also included striving to forgive those who cause us grief. Hence, the title of the piece seen here: Bouquet of Gratitude and Forgiveness. To my mind, the two combined are what make any notions of love realistic and sustainable.